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Thanks to Linsey Thut for venturing out to Melvin, trying our food at the café, and including us in your well-written article on Brady, TX!!


Jacoby's Cafe

Jacoby's Cafe
In 1976, we bought our first set of heifers, and we now own approximately 400 cows grazing our pastures. Jacoby Beef is bred, born, raised, and processed right here in the heart of Texas. Our cattle receive only the best in nutrition, including pasture grass, hay, and a finishing ration specially mixed by Jacoby Feed and Seed; they are never given any type of growth hormone. Our beef is hand-cut and dry aged a minimum of 21 days to ensure exceptional tenderness and grades a minimum of choice—guaranteed.

You can find Jacoby Brand Beef served daily in our cafe located in quaint, downtown Melvin, Texas.

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Rail Center

Jacoby Rail Center
Jacoby Rail Center offers a freight service for all commodities such as: sand, grain, corn, etc. We have a trans-loading service with a Rail Barge Truck conveyor, which makes us versatile in loading and unloading rail cars and allows us to pinpoint the exact amount of any commodity. We have 5,600 feet of available storage space allowed at Jacoby Rail.

Jacoby Rail Center has a certified truck scale in accordance with the Texas Department of Agriculture.

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Jacket Program

Jacoby Jacket Program
Congratulations to all our previous winners. Applications for the 2015-2016 show season are now available, but please take time to review this year’s requirements.

Find out if you qualify for a Jacoby Jacket!

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